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The World Was White

status: exhibition version complete; working on mobile version

Three friends. A silent winter day. A long drive together, in the midst of going our separate ways. Trying to figure it all out, before memory crushes us and the snow buries our tracks. The World Was White is a homage to the many, many road trips—short and long—I took across northern California with friends while a teenager. Now, much later, I have come to realize that it is also about growing up one of the few brown kids in white, rural mountain country. The World Was White forms an internal trilogy with Smooth Second Bastard and The Summer the Rattlesnakes Came, all reflections on my upbringing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Prints: This will be a diptych; print panel is under development.

The mobile version is called The World Was White.
You can download it for free from the App Store here.

White is currently at version 3.

Source Code

iOS: The World Was White - iOS
java: The Worls Was White - java

Year: 2013


Text: Custom text
Font: Salvo Serif Medium + Salvo Serif Bold
Exhibition: Custom Java for Windows + 2-point touch surface
App: Custom Objective-C for iOS